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TOWER Development is a game development startup focusing on adding new depth to your favorite platforms and enabling new experiences to enjoy doing what you love. We have numerous games and Steam mods in development, most prominently Portal 2: Critical Error. Follow us on our blog and join our forum for updates!


Our Team

Joseph Marsden

Joseph Marsden


Founder and Director of TOWER. Developer of Portal 2: Critical Error. Is also a Source Engine developer n’ stuff.

Jonah Aragon

Jonah Aragon

Secondary Director, Sysadmin

Program managerĀ of hosting and systems security. Secondary Acting Director. Probably a robot?


Level Designer

Level designer and 3D artist. Spanish translator from the Unknown Regions.


Voice Actor

Voice actor and general nuisance. He claims to contribute to development, but I’m not so sure.
“Innovative, weird, mysterious” – A totally legitimate reviewer

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